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There are companies with direct flights to Cesaria Evora, the main airport in Sao Vicente: - From Lisbon (TAP) Each day TAP Portugal flight to Sao Vicente. Tap has also connection flights to a lot of european cities Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Milano, Paris ,.. - From Amsterdam (TUI Holland) On Monday and Friday you can fligth direct from Amsterdam to Sao Vicente with TUI Holland. - From Paris (ASL) On Sundays direct from Paris to Sao Vicente. the Caboverdeairlines fly with a stop over Sal to Sao Vicente. Caboverdeairlines starts from Lissabon, Paris or Mailand. To get there you can use another european airline. Is often cheaper than with TAP and you can then fly on the same day. The national Fly are operated from Binter Air.