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Wavespot Kapverden

Apart from Sao Pedro, Sao Vicente has some wave and kite spots to offer. One established kite spot is located at the north side of the island in the bay of Salamanca where you can find a small kite club. The spot enjoys a consistent side- or side-on wind direction, but is not very suitable for windsurfing due to the waves that the ocean brings into the bay. A rough close-out beach break is waiting for every windsurfer to attempt the central entry point of the bay.

Having said that, Salamanca also has one of the best waves on the island and if you go to the right cape of the bay, on a good day you can have 3-5m waves with nice side-/ side-off shore conditions and average winds of 10-25 knots. Beware however, that the waves close onto the rocks similar to Ponta Preta in Sal, for those that are familiar with the spot.

Another wave spot for windsurfing you can explore is Tupim. This is probably the best option as the spot can have consistency of waves and strong winds several times per week. Tupim offers sweet, glassy water both between and on the waves. It normally doesn’t get too big and both for Salamanca and Tupim it is important to time your visit correctly, taking the changing tides into account. Water may be shallow, be mindful of where you are!

If travelling by land you will need a 4x4 vehicle. However, both spots could also be reached by boat as the famous catamaran ITOMA makes their charters by the area.

Kapverden Waveriding