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Santo Antao

Santo Antao is the nearest island to Sao Vicente and is especially known for its hiking routes and spectacular views. The mixture between ocean and high mountain terrain, palms and pine forests and the fact that this is an island still not tainted by high tourism, make Santo Antao perfect for a few days break from the strong winds of Sao Vicente. Windblown by the strong Passat, Sao Vicente is mainly covered in rocky hills and has little vegetation, so visitors can plan a one or even a two-day trip to the near-by Santo Antao to enjoy the lush nature. To fit the trip within a day you have to plan an early morning start from the port of Sao Vicente with a 1 hour ferry ride. Note that powerful winds in the channel between both islands sometimes slow down the ferry and make the ride longer. When you reach the port of Santo Antao there is plenty to explore: a high mountainous massif, deep valleys with a vast abundance of plants such as papaya, mango, sugar cane, bananas, avocados and much more. There you can also see how the famous grog or papaya jam are produced. Santo Antao is not the only island you can reach by ferry from Sao Vicente, but it is the easiest. From the same port you can take a ferry to Sao Nicholau, an island which reminds of Santo Antao with its beauty. The ferry ride takes 4 hours or alternatively flights are also available.